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About Me

I am driven to live an examined life and be of service to others. I believe we all have a meaning from and for the multiverse and I want to share with you how to attain your all-natural universal meaning.

About Me


I am a wonderer and futurist. 


This led me to formulate some pretty fantastic universal meanings that are nevertheless approachableeven inherentto all of us. I am excited to share how the meaning of life is meaningful to the universe as a whole! 


I am also a technology strategista man with a plan.

I know what it takes to connect vision to goals and to execute. I can help you define strategies and practices that will result not only in success, but also in lengthened transcendent states of flow.

I am the co-founder of a "mom-and-pop" internationally recognized non-profit that helps forcibly displaced women achieve self-reliance in their new home. 

While my wife and I went from amateur to professional with Women of the World with only our heartfelt desire to help, I can help you develop your craft, create a killer plan, and build superfans for your for-profit or non-profit venture

I ammost of alla good listener and thoughtful problem solver.

Everything that is getting in your way now is solvable. We are good enoughright nowto live the life we've always imagined.

About This Site


I want you to interact and take your time on this site, to find yourself here. I have a subscriber only mailing list that I would love for you to try. I try and give you three unique thoughts each Thursday for deep & not-so-deep thought!


I am also excited to announce two brief surveys that are fun and informative.   

This site is where you will find my latest writings on meaning, life strategy, science, mindfulness, non-profit operations, business development, mindfulness, and consciousness. 

You will also be able to view previous, public speaking engagements and book me for speaking engagements. 

I have a suite of services available for personal or corporate clients. These run from setting up a meaningful vision to executing for success and include:

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My Bio


Justin Harnish is a writer, engineer, and non-profit founder. He is the author of the book "Dance to Spawn A Galaxy" & the forthcoming "Meaning in the Multiverse" and has collaborated on numerous patents and papers in semiconductor engineering and data science.  


Justin is a free-range thinker, a futurist, mindfulness practitioner, and a speculative Natural Philosopher. He studied Chemical Engineering and Philosophy at Montana State University. As part of his undergraduate degree work study, he wrote for the Wallace Stegner Endowed Chair website starting a lifelong love for the stories of place and the evolution of people through their lives.


18 years in the School of Life, Work, and Family educated Justin in the diverse pursuits required of examined life living. Coupling the science of his engineering education and early career with the philosophy of strategic design and management, Justin found a path in 2012 to couple them, becoming the Technology Program Manager for the semiconductor manufacturer he works for. Revitalizing the preeminence of the classic Natural Philosopher -- an awe-inspired creative hypothesizer, futurist on one hand, a pragmatic, methodical skeptic on the other -- is Justin's life work.


Justin's commitment to thought, spirituality, and our shared story is exemplified in his founding of the Jung Society Think Tank. The Jung Society Think Tank is a "book club without a book," a place where those we might (tongue-in-cheek) call "amateur thinkers" join together to discuss one of the group's extracurricular research. In the twelve-month history of the JSTT, its members have covered topics ranging from the Neuroscience of Memory to the Sacred Life Of Bees: The Return of the Divine Feminine. 


Utilizing the life optimizing strategies outlined in Meaning in the Multiverse, Justin helps people detail their passions and align their life and professions to achieve their greater purpose.


Justin serves his community as the Creative and Development Director of Women of the World (, a non-profit women refugee service organization he founded with his lovely wife Samira Harnish. Women of the World offers custom critical service and capacity building to displaced women resettling in Salt Lake City, where Justin works and lives.  Samira was recently awarded the Americas Nansen Award from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for excellence in refugee service.


Justin loves his blended family including his wife Samira, Samira's 4 children, 3 granddaughters, 1 grandson, and his Silky Terrier (formerly known as) Prince!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.   

- Henry David Thoreau