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Is life meaningful? How would the universe have to be made to persuade us toward our purpose? Is there any evidence that we live in such a universe?


Modern science has taught us that the fundamental workings of the universe often run counter to our intuitions: time does not flow, it is frozen in a continuum with space; a single particle of matter can create a wave-like interference pattern; and our perception does not reveal reality but instead increases our fitness to survive. Meaning in the Multiverse: A Skeptic’s Guide to a Loving Cosmos shows the flaws in our intuitions on universal meaning and our place in the universe. 


Utilizing metaphysics and cosmology, author and scientist Justin Harnish tackles the interrelatedness of meaning and existence, explores our ability to create virtual consciousness, uncovers our recruitment as a deep-learning program for the universe, and illuminates the optimization routine running on a massively parallel quantum computer. If we are going to ask the question, “what is the meaning of it all” anyway… it is best to leverage the latest science of existence and the latest interrogations of experience.


Meaning in the Multiverse is the first book to speculate that meaning is transmitted to us through an all-natural, computational multiverse.The multiverse is persuading us to live an examined life, one more aligned to our shared meaning.


  • To be mindful in our experiences.
  • To flow with existence especially in pursuits that further science, society, or culture.  


Man’s search for meaning has been using a water witching rod when tools like the Hubble Space Telescope are available. Meaning in the Multiverse: A Skeptic’s Guide to a Loving Cosmos, will take off the lens cap and stare into the true source of human meaning—the dynamic multiverse.

Meaning in the Multiverse (Paperback)

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