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Into Your Profession!

Each of us has something that we would do if money was no object. But, since money is an object for most of us, we tinker at our passion and support it with a different profession.

But no more!


There is a way to have your cake and be the baker too! 


By taking the Amateur2Professional Course, you'll learn:


  • How to develop your craft by designing practice routines that continually place you in the zone.

  • How to plan and execute to interest investors, enable synergies between your past skills and your passion's needs, and outflank your competition and doubters. 

  • How to engender the love of your customers and clients by working to understand them and give them maximum value.

Whether you are passionate about a different group in your current company, want to use your skills to serve your community, or want to branch out on your own--the Amateur2Professional Course can help. 

"I believe that everyone can more than live their bliss,
they can make a living at their bliss!"

I will be your guide on your path from Amateur to Professional. I have twice succeeded in taking myself from being an amateur, working hard on my craft and sacrificing to learn, to receiving a paycheck for doing what I love!


  •  Was an amateur engineer learning my craft of scientific method problem solving at university and as a semiconductor engineer before developing into a professional technology evangelist and strategist.

  • Developed my craft in branding and writing to startup a non-profit human services organization where I further developed those skills to fundraise and build community.

We often do so much of what we are told we "should" do that our purpose--the one essential thing that we "must" do--falls behind and never really gets a chance to be our profession. This is sad, a life of quiet desperation. It is okay that we work on our craft as an amateur, but to truly enjoy it full time, we'll have to plan a business and market our skills.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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