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Book Justin Harnish To Speak At Your Next Event

What You Can Expect

I am an engaging and thoughtful speaker who has both novel insights to offer on the meaningfulness of human existence and who expresses a loving-kindness in my appreciation for the audiences' concerns and capabilities. After 20 years of coaching on technical problem solving in the largest manufacturer of semiconductor memory, I am confident and capable in any speaking and training setting.


  • Booking agents will respond within 24 hours reply to all inquires.

  • A Zoom pre-conference call will be setup to hammer out all details within 24 hours of signal to go forward by the sponsor.

  • Co-marketing between sponsor and on my blog and social media sites including weekly blogs and daily social media blurbs about the upcoming event, as desired.

  • A custom resource page and packet for all attendees to include copies of the slide deck used, along with links to books, blog posts, and other resources I believe would be helpful to the particular audience.

  • I will arrive 1 to 2 hours ahead of schedule (depending on your requirements) to ensure sound and visuals are working. 

  • I will speak for at least an hour (negotiable up to a full day) and take questions for at least thirty minutes on stage. I am also comfortable in a Q&A session with a local media personality. 

  • After the show, I will sign as many books as are purchased or presented to me. I will have books available for purchase before, during, and after the show. 

  • I can also attend virtually over Zoom, assuring that all participants receive an experience and resources similar to what would be given at an on-site event.

What To Expect

A Little Bit About Me

Justin Harnish is a writer, scientist, and non-profit founder. He has given motivational speeches to groups of new Americans in his service work and regularly coached the scientific method to engineers and scientists. He has been asked to speak on topics ranging from the growth of knowledge to mindfulness. 


In his speeches based on his book Meaning in the Multiverse: A Skeptic's Guide to a Loving Cosmos, he offers novel insights on the meaningfulness of human existence and practical advice for how to achieve success in work and life. Justin connects with his audience by discussing universal themes like meaning, love, attention, and appreciation but a new and exciting way.


Justin lives with his wife, the UNHCR award-winning non-profit executive, Samira Harnish, and their silky terrier.

About Justin Harnish
My Speeches

My Most Requested Topics

Paths to Universal Meaning

Trainings detailing designed practices for mindful experience and flowing with existence. Secular mindfulness meditation sessions to improve appreciation and concentration coupled with detailed practice designs to improve flow states & performance. 


Perfect for corporate or spiritual retreats alike.

Intellectual Pursuits

Discussions anchored in the philosophy of science including metaphysics, theoretical physics & cosmology, epistemology, computer science, simulation theory, or AI's Alignment Problem.


Perfect for think tanks, university settings, or scientific trade shows or businesses.

Business & Non-Profit Success

Whether looking for a career development or to start your own business, a speech on "Making Your Passion Your Profession" will motivate employees and entrepreneurs alike to hone their craft, plan, and engender the love of raving fans.


 As an internationally-recognized non-profit founder, Justin Harnish can speak on what it takes to make your passion for service most impactful with his talks on creating a non-profit and designing data collection and strategic business plans for your organization.


Perfect for corporate retreat, entrepreneurs conference, foundation strategic session, or non-profit trade show.

Refugee Policy

The plight and possibilities of forcibly displaced people (refugees, asylum seekers, and climate/economic immigrants) and refugee rights will play a crucial role in geopolitics and ethics for decades and must be understood and discussed to resolve sound policies.


Perfect for think tanks, university settings, or political conferences. 

Most Requested Topics