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Consulting for Exponential Growth

The dynamism of the modern age is unprecedented. We have skipped from a read-only Web1.0 to a read-write-earn Web3.0, added universal quantum computation to our repertoire, and become connected and disconnected in just over a decade. Ray Kurzweil, author of "The Singularity is Near," has been consistently validated in his prediction of an exponential growth of knowledge, which is nearing its inflection point (its most rapid growth) now.

Consulting for Exponential Growth offers a healthy, service-oriented means to success in this new age. Through approaches centered in scientific problem solving, data science, mindfulness, and effective altruism, Justin Harnish guides you, your business, or non-profit on how to navigate in this new age.

Succeed in the Age of Exponential Growth

This Age of Exponential Growth gives rise to opportunities for personal and business success for those savvy to data science and analytics, decision theory, and the decentralized web or web3.0. You and your business can learn simple skills in:

  • how to use data to create intelligence & analyze problems,

  • decentralize your work streams,

  • and make decisions--even on the least technical problems--using an approachable scientific methodology. 

Success in the age of exponential growth is more possible than ever! The systems are turning toward the savvy individual who has something to say or a creative way to say it. You can start any time in your life, whether this is your 1st act or your 4th! Let's work together to sharpen those skills.


For the last 25 years, Justin Harnish has positioned himself in technology strategy leadership over semiconductor, financial, and artificial intelligence products. I know how to support people and products, skills and services with advanced technologies and the scientific processes that ensure success. Whether you are looking to

  • innovate in tech,

  • improve or decentralize decision making,

  • manage people or products to greater creativity,

  • or any of a host of other work or business problems

I can help you with a modern way to address it!


Be Happy in the Age of Exponential Growth

Exponential growth in cognition threatens consciousness and therefore our happiness. Furthermore, much of self-help tied to success programs either drives off the road on the side of adding "another thing" to achieve or drives into the ditch on the other side by ignoring it entirely! There is a middle path.


We must strategically settle for just what is. Life is not a dress rehearsal, take it all in and notice the illuminated nature of even ordinary experience. This unintuitive strategy will allow us to enjoy and be aware of the beauty and bounty of every moment on the journey. No one has ever gotten a promotion or bought a new house or seen their child learn how to walk and been able to keep that happiness memorized perfectly, but we are constantly overwhelmed in each moment by laughter, love, beauty, sadness, anger, and wisdom... if we let it into our awareness.


Next time your spouse or your boss talks, really listen. Look at them and notice how their expressions change. Connecting in this way will make your relationships better, a key factor in happiness. Make it an utter sacrament to listen to what the people around you are saying and try to meditate from their perspective on why they are saying it.


Justin Harnish is a mindfulness teacher and practitioner. This simple strategies are drawn from a rich lineage of contemplatives and modernized to blend together with curiosity and love in this age of exponential growth in knowledge. 


Effective service in the Age of Exponential Growth

Our ability to truly make a positive impact on our community, environment, and posterity is growing like never before. Our latte money can literally save human beings from suffering and death. We owe the future advances greater than what we have been given and risk "lock in" of existential and threats to our values if we do not act now--at the inflection point in the exponential growth of knowledge. 


Whether you volunteer or operate a non-profit, you can be a more essential part of your community and world by utilizing the Data for Doing Good strategies devised by Justin Harnish in his 12 years as a successful co-founder of Women of the World. In this consulting, Justin helps nonprofits to setup a data stack atop their business plan or logic model that will ensure data is transparently shared with donors and is effective in making an impact. For donors and volunteers, Justin will help define Effective Altruistic means by which existential threats are reduced and community involvement and compassion are engendered.

Image by NASA

Let's Work Together

Contact me to discuss your consulting needs for the age of exponential growth in knowledge.

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