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Consilience Now Press publishes books and articles that offer a bridge (a consilience) between physics and spirituality, existence and experience, in order to explore a more optimistic future development of humanity's epistemology and mindful experience in relation to the multiverse.  


This vision will necessitate essays on the science of the mind, mindfulness practice, scientific problem solving, and being of service in your community. Advances in quantum computational neuroscience, the well-uses of psychedelics, and experimental confirmations of the computational or many-worlds nature of the universe will be considered for paid publication. Secular spiritual practices and scientific consilience similar to those published in Meaning in the Multiverse: A Skeptic's Guide to a Loving Cosmos will always be considered for guest posts.


Meaning in the Multiverse:
A Skeptic's Guide to a Loving Cosmos

Discover how a universe fundamentally made of computation persuades us to live our best life.

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Dance to Spawn a Galaxy:
Poems of Potential

The dance of little loops of energy may be responsible for the particles that make up the quantum soup at the fabric of the universe.


These superstrings aren’t so super-sized. If your shimmy was able to impact the universe at the same scale, your dance would spawn a galaxy.



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