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Line of Sight

The infinite horizon of knowledge

Lay on your back and imagine your line of sight. First it moves above the rooftops and is backlit by your neighborhood and then the whole city. It is shortly at 10,000 meters, cruising altitude for a plane, looking down over rivers, mountains, farms, and fields. Next the gorgeous, living, glowing eggshell of the planet is behind you and your line of sight begins a voyage into space.

If we imagine a single line of sight, that of an instant, it has likely just the vacuum of space between it and the edge of the visible universe—space is mostly space, empty of matter-energy, whether light or dark.

Physically, there is little that you would “see” during your life (or even the life of the planet) if you tracked the light along any one line-of-sight; a hundred years, or even a few billion light years getting you nowhere near the artifacts of the cataclysm of the big bang…

But, your imagination and moreover, a scientifically-informed conjecture, will help you arrive quite comfortably alongside any of the signposts—supernova, galaxies, black holes, pulsars, and the like—on your way to destination at the edge of spacetime. What we know of the universe from careful observation and mathematics allows us to clearly recreate it in our mind’s eye.

Beyond the horizon of sound and sight, allow your imagination to interrogate existence, discovering the never before trod paths of interstellar space, and maybe… to map it onto a grander consciousness.

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