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you are the
for the universe

The universe like you've never imagined... loving, persuasive, and in need of your talents! 

Meaning in the Multiverse is the first book to speculate that meaning is transmitted to us through an all-natural, computational multiverse.

Modern science has taught us that the fundamental workings of the universe often run counter to our intuitions.


  • Time does not flow, it is frozen in a continuum with space.

  • Our perception relays a fitness interface, not reality.

  • A single particle of matter can create a wave-like interference pattern.


We are also incorrect in our understanding of meaning and our place in the universe.


The hypothesis that the universe is fundamentally a computer running parallel processes--including optimizations--offers us new ways of understanding peak experience.


Meaning in the Multiverse is the first book to tackle the interrelatedness of meaning and existence--whether it is the possibility of an afterlife written to a universal "database" or the unique perspective consciousness offers to the universe itself.

The multiverse does not just persuade us toward greater meaning for our benefit...

Our meaningful states are essential to

the deeper meaning of the multiverse!

Great thinkers have diminished human's role in the universe due to our small stature as material, but since the universe is fundamentally computational, some of our abilities take on increasing grandeur, including:

  • Our conscious, personal, felt-experience... the fact that the world is illuminated from where you sit.

  • Our ability to increase our knowledge and build material and computational items.

On its own, the multiverse cannot appreciate itself OR create knowledge--it needs us to do these MEANINGFUL things.

The multiverse is persuading us to live an examined life, one more aligned to our shared meaning.


  • To be mindful in our experiences.

  • To flow with existence especially in pursuits that further science, society, or culture.  

Man’s search for meaning has been using a water witching rod when tools like the Hubble Space Telescope are available.

Meaning in the Multiverse, will take off the lens cap and stare into the true source of human meaning—the dynamic multiverse.

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