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I see fractals... everywhere.

The smooth is unseemly

A bedsheet is 2-D, a mattress is 3-D. For the former, we purchase according to specific length and width (Twin, Queen, or King) and for the later, we add a fluffiness-factor of depth to our dimensions.

Now when we go to wash our bedsheet, we crumple it into a ball of sorts. The bedsheet has attained a fractal dimension, say 2.37 dimensions. It’s less than 3-D because looking close enough at any crumple and you can resolve that there are lots of flat surfaces, but obviously more than the 2-D stretched out over the bed.

I was really enjoying my latest fractal fascination the other day—Mandelbulbs on Youtube—and found these 3-D shapes represented on my 2-D screen gave the perfect experience of fractal dimensions.

What will this beautiful mathematical conception teach us next about existence? What is the limit of human perception? Can we perceive a 3.24-D shape in VR? Does color, altered awareness channel strength in sensory deprivation, or music act as a proxy for fractal dimensions above 3? How about for a person with synesthesia?

With awe and investigation into reality, existence leaps out of the undergrowth and pushes back against findings of flat, round, or symmetrical—making a party for our perceptions.


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