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2022 Heart & Hands Awardee Utah Philanthropy Day celebration

I am so excited to be recognized as a 2022 Heart & Hands Awardee at the Utah Philanthropy Day celebration. My non-profit work with forcibly-displaced women has always been a central focus of my life and a way for my time to be spent with meaning. I have done the back-office work of Women of the World, supporting its technology, fundraising, strategy, and outreach.

I am so thankful to the people that make up the Women of the World community--our new neighbors who have graced us with their presence, the staff who work tirelessly to build custom solutions and lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, and the Board of Directors who guide us in the dynamic world of non-profit management. Of course, my most profound thanks goes to my lovely wife and the Executive Director of Women of the World, Samira Harnish, for putting her heart and soul into the non-profit we started 13 years ago and doing it with grace and style.

This award was written by WoW's Board President, Debbie Mintowt-Czyz, who wrote the following lovely comments about my service at WoW.

"As a founding member of Women of the World, a boutique refugee agency, Justin has been a hands-on volunteer since its inception in 2009. His hard work, business acumen, and unending commitment have helped transform one woman’s dream of helping women refugees and asylum seekers achieve independence into a highly impactful nonprofit. Most of all, thanks to his endeavors in building the infrastructure behind the agency’s success, Justin has been instrumental in providing economic empowerment to thousands of women. For more than 13 years now, Justin has invested tens of hours every week ensuring that the agency is both effective and efficient. He is the unsung hero behind the scholarships, legal or housing advocacy, and employment opportunities that have benefitted the many displaced women who sought help at Women of the World and who now call Utah their home."

During Utah Philanthropy Day, we are honored to provide organizations the opportunity to highlight and honor one or more volunteers with a Heart & Hands Award. This award acknowledges those people who make significant contributions to an organization's mission through their volunteer or philanthropic service. This award category is for all nonprofits to present their star volunteers.

The Celebration is on Tuesday, November 15th at 9 AM at the Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy Utah. Join us for breakfast, network with other honorees, philanthropists, and organizations, and enjoy an uplifting awards ceremony. All Heart & Hands honorees will be highlighted during the awards ceremony and receive a Heart & Hands Award certificate and pin.


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