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Meditation is a self-deprivation tank

Free-floating consciousness

The instructions are very simple and work: be with what is, drop all concepts, don’t grasp what’s pleasant, don’t push away what is unpleasant.

If you practice and continue to start again without judgement when distracted by thoughts or feelings, the selfless nature of experience becomes apparent. You are just being consciousness. Meditating-as-consciousness, meditating-as-loving-boundless-awareness is a self-deprivation tank!

Take this opportunity to point at your face. Actually do it.

Really look at your finger and let your concepts of subject and verb, finger and pointing, fade away. Can you distinguish what you are pointing at from where you are pointing from?

Let me repeat that—it is an easy activity in defining the non-dual or selfless or consciousness-forward state of existence: can you distinguish a difference between what you are pointing at (the apparent-subject) from where you are pointing from(apparent-object)? You cannot and neither can I. It is all just consciousness.

The self we make for ourselves, our avatar through life is not perceived, it is a self-referential thought—commonly used—like a toothbrush.

But our nature (that is with us in every moment), that of our boundless awareness, both has so much more utility and is the most awe-some thing in existence!

First, it has utility. As is covered elsewhere, consciousness is our source for:

  • relating to/making space for others

  • the wellspring of good intentions (loving-kindness) for others

  • our morality

  • our care in the face of suffering

  • our goodness in the benefit of society and posterity

  • our service to others

  • our benevolent democratic governance.

As to awe, consciousness is beyond magnificent, it is the source of:

  • personal meaning in the appreciation of consciousness’ space, quiet, boundlessness, and uniqueness.

  • a connection with existence in the only timeframe possible for us to be appreciative of reality, the here-and-now

  • eternity, at least from consciousness’s side of experience. There is no unconscious void after death, just different identities within consciousness.

All of that, is as clear as the pointer finger on your hand.


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