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Coins and Gems

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

How do you value life?

Imagine life was a video game, how would you score it? There would likely be some sort of extrinsic value—the coin of the realm—that you could use to improve the health and comforts of your avatar, but this is certain to not be the only score or even the primary one.

Instead our “game of life” is measured in the depth of appreciation drawn from life as it is happening—a conscious-in-touchedness with what is. The leaderboard, those we hope to emulate, are individuals like the Dali Lama who is quoted as saying that the best time in his life is “right now.” Outwardly, he always looks like that is true.

These experience points in video games are often measured in gems. Being-conscious-appreciation is the gem that gives our real life such meaning. Everyone is capable of attaining the gem leaderboard in their lives… and in the next moment.

Intrinsic value is subjective, defined in its quantity and quality, solely by you, giving you the ability to both define the rules and play the game. The gems of intrinsic value are also more valuable than coins, for only gems can be used to “purchase” love, contentment, self-worth, grace, and gratitude.

Take stock of this moment. Consciousness is flooding in through your senses, cognition, and feelings. It’s vivid and tactile, not like a game or simulation but happening, it is like something to have your mind full of awareness.

Ram Dass has called consciousness loving awareness as it offers a quiet space, a boundless new realm that, from a 1st person lived-experience, makes up the entire world you interact with. To you, reality is consciousness and visa versa. So you can manipulate—subtly—your approach to reality. You can make friends, even be in an intimate love affair, with your mind.

Grasping for more gems doesn’t work. Instead, just be with what is and be grateful for the ordinary illuminated nature of experience to naturally improve the quality of awareness. It is subtle.

One of my most memorable times of being-conscious-appreciation was listening to my lovely wife in our kitchen. Taking in her voice, ideas, and beauty, the love I have for her, and the comfort of my kitchen, I was immersed in the moment. I felt the hardness of the granite countertop as something I always wanted and worked hard to achieve, the beauty of the plants my wife had such a talent to grow, and a moment of consciousness in intimate relationship. Through this gratitude, the gems flowed in, and a virtuous loop was made.

Spend more time appreciating—falling in love with—the subtle beauty of the nuances of your life and less chasing after coins and what they can purchase.


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