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Love and Life's Illusions

A Brief Journey to Love Without Grasping

The existence of love in our lives is one of our greatest aspirations. It comes in so many levels and is labyrinthine in its shared path with others that it’s easy to get lost or regretful along the way. Passions flare, then love takes on a superposition with spouse and children. Wise love offers contentment and—deeper still—the completion of the others’ consciousness, a synergistic entity together with someone so thoroughly loved over so long a time.

Still there is something more, transcendent even, just on the horizon.

There are moments, chance encounters with this graced energy, when I can’t blink away the happy tears of love fast enough to continue seeing the joy in my loved ones eyes; where I feel there is another fundamental force powering qualia with the heat and light of 1000s of suns; a noetic quality choking off my words; and simple soulful surrender to what is in that moment—transcendental love.

Yet, just like all thoughts, even those coupled with strong feelings, it fades and “real life” returns. Love and life’s illusions are the same—that our grasp can make the positive remain and our aversion can push away the negative—and so we are joyful at love’s lightness and compassionate when it is lost.


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