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The Formlessness of Consciousness

In meditation, we are told to make space, that we are boundless awareness, that we have no head, or that any sensations in the body are in the preexisting construct of consciousness. Sometimes our teachers have us look out of our open eyes and see that all planes of perception from across the room to just in front of our face are all the same, while in the very next teaching with our eyes closed we are indiscriminate to sounds that take up our entire sphere all around “us.”

In essence, all of these experiences show the truth of our formless and multifaceted consciousness. We don’t live just here in our 3-D world of bodily sensations because it is in the same construct that thoughts arise and where we build elaborate worlds and characters when we read a great book. Our narrative of love and the joy of “us” in a love relationship is contemporaneous with loss and suffering and the pit of frailty from when you remember everyone you know will die.

Consciousness is enough to take this all in. Present enough to allow all of these contents to gain salience, but standard and subtle enough to fade into a background… the silent static when we are mindless to its formlessness.


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