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The dance of little loops of energy may be responsible for the particles that make up the quantum soup at the fabric of the universe. These superstrings aren’t so super-sized. If your shimmy was able to impact the universe at the same scale, your dance would spawn a galaxy.

And maybe, in some ways, in other dimensions, it does.

More than magical realism or scientific wonder writing, Dance To Spawn a Galaxy explains in poetry and prose a metaphysics that is both profound and personal. As a fan and admirer of Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams and Rumi’s quatrains, the author, Justin Harnish, has mixed mystical language with physics, metaphysics with strategic planning for a more hopeful future for our far-flung transcendent posterity.

Dance To Spawn a Galaxy is the prose companion work to Meaning in the Multiverse (available 2/12/2020) that helped to free the speculative philosophy central to Meaning in the Multiverse. According to the author, poetry was the best way to deal with the ideas that were coming to him in his research: that dark energy may just be our 3D perception of the arrival of a fourth spacial dimension into our universe or that before existence a timeless and non-being algorithm, the Laws of Physics, were the “alpha and omega” and they lovingly persuade us toward an optimum, always keeping their foot off the ‘instructor-brake.’ The chapters of Dance To Spawn a Galaxy cover the watchwords of our modern experience with experience like Love or Consciousness or Nature and our ideas about ideas like God or Entropy or Enlightenment.

"Dance to Spawn A Galaxy" is a book of poetry and essays that expresses the secularist’s connection with the universe and humanity that is both scientific and loving. Taking perspectives from big to small, from being to nothingness transports the reader to a natural world capable of being at once personally meaningful and vast.

Dance to Spawn a Galaxy (Paperback)

SKU: 364115376135191
  • 6" x 9" Perfect Bound Paperback

    117 pages

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