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Problem Solving Made Simple


Solving Your Everyday Problems

An Imaginative Way To Ease Suffering
and Increase Happiness

Engineering problem solving starts with educated guesses. Then you take your best guess and run it through your mental model — the way you think the world works. Once you think you know how your guess will work, you try it.

Running this process on your everyday issues can increase your success and happiness, let me show you how.


Augment your approach to problems

Problems are inevitable, but problems are solvable.

Instead of feeling frustrated by the problems in our lives, work, and relationships, we need to accept that we will always have issues to deal with and should invest instead in a scientific approach to solving problems.


The nature of our problemsour pain pointsis sometimes confounded by our frustration in having problems in the first place & by our fear that we won't be able to solve our issues. We shouldn't add to our problems in this way because:

  • We will always have problems, that is the nature of life in the world.

  • Most problems are solvable with a few easy steps.

I have developed a problem solving approach and trained engineers and scientists for the last twenty years and I guarantee this is the best and simplest method for solving problems.

Most of it is done in your head, or at least on a sheet of paper.

  1. Guess (yes, just guess) at the solution to your problem. An educated guess is best, but just take a crack at coming up with three possible solutions.

  2. Next, imagine the outcomes of your guess on the issue. Be imaginative, see the cast of characters like in a novel or The SIMS. These models can be very simple mental models or very complex artificial intelligences suitable to the situation, but what is important is that you are honest about how your guess impacts this simulation.

  3. Finally, you try your most successful model in real life and record this feedback for future models.

We are always augmenting our knowledge through our own speculation, modeling, and testing. We also gain knowledge by reading about the problem solving of others and by developing more complex models of reality so we are only allowed simulations that match reality.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

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