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Technology is changing the world at an exponential rate.
Learn how to succeed & be happy.

Knowledge is growing like at no time in human history, making it difficult for many to get their bearings. Let's work together to help you showcase your strengths, while developing awareness of the journey so you can enjoy your ride to the top!

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The Lotus-QuantumComputer logo shows the fundamental nature of our experience (the lotus) and existence (the quantum computer) and the accelerating nature of our understanding of both.

We can't have good perspective on the age we are living in. We are on the inside, with no way to look out.


I didn't realize that I was living in "history" until the pandemic hit in my 45th year. But that realization helped ground me in our dynamic and exciting present.

This near-sightedness causes us to suffer. Our best laid plans fail to bring us the success we are looking for.

But now, unlike at any other age, we can change instantly and manage our success independently. Furthermore, we don't have to sacrifice life in the balance with work, but have clear ways for happiness to arise from ordinary moments.

I would love to talk about ways for you or your business to take advantage of our age of the exponential growth to be more successful, find happiness in the ordinary but illuminated moments, or serve your community in meaningful & data-driven ways. Please contact me.

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Consulting for Exponential Growth