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“ Deeply thoughtful but with a soothing, lyrical rhythm and voice... Meaning in the Multiverse is a ‘must read’ for anyone wondering ‘what does it all mean?”

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“Harnish impresses us with the majesty of all that is, while  providing a uniquely compelling reasons to feel a sense of belonging and individual valueas he calls it, all-natural universal meaning. ”

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Hi, my name is Justin.


I am driven to live an examined life and be of service to others.


I believe we all have a meaning from and for the multiverse and I want to share with you how to attain your all-natural universal meaning. 


Let's talk about what gives your life meaning.


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MM 2books.jpg


My books

Tap into universal meaning, scientific problem solving, and tools to illuminate the ordinary.



Futurist speaker Justin A Harnish redefines the universe we live in and shows us how to optimize our lives and work in it! Book him now!



thoughtful problem solving

Eliminate pain and dissatisfaction in your life and work.

mindful meditations &

flow practices

Purposeful practices for achieving optimal experience.


to professional

Make your passion into your profession. Use your talents to be of greatest service.

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