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I help visionaries to be happy & succeed in this age of exponential growth in intelligence.

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Meaning in the Multiverse is the first book to speculate that meaning comes from the multiverse.


Writings on the Ordinary, Illuminated Blog.


I have given talks on service, meaning, the nature of mind, and science.


My name is Justin Harnish

By the numbers, I'm an ordinary, middle-America, middle-class, middle-manager... but my inner life is an extraordinary dance-party of appreciation of experience and a curiosity of this extraordinary time in human existence!

With decades of experience in artificial intelligence & semiconductor product development & strategy, I'd love to connect and talk about how we can take advantage of the unique opportunities available to your life or business from the current age of exponential growth in intelligence.

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Writing for the Age of Exponential Growth in Knowledge

Up-to-the-minute topical discussions on what it is like to live in this Age of Exponential Growth in Knowledge including topics in philosophy, mindfulness, physics, meditation, economics, business, and much, much more!

Books and Products

I am excited to have my books and quality apparel available for sale here on my website. Whether you are searching for meaning in your life, insights into physics or metaphysics, strategies for being more mindful, or just some sharp gear, this is the shopping cart for you!

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Technology is changing the world at an exponential rate.
Learn how to succeed & be happy.

Knowledge is growing like at no time in human history, making it difficult for many to get their bearings. Let's work together to help you showcase your strengths, while developing awareness of the journey so you can enjoy your ride to the top!

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